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What happened on the closing day of 2019

The event began with the screening of a video summarising the year and answering a question: How can we measure what we have experienced in 2019?

On December 20th, we celebrated the closing day of our unforgettable 60th anniversary year.

After an answer to the question that was full of emotion, it was time to applaud a colleague who is retiring after more than 40 years working at our side. We are of course talking about Felix Herrero, an institution in our company that has set an example to our youngest works with his efforts. 

And finally, workers were congratulated at Christmas time with an advertisement that has been a sensation on the company’s various social networks.

At the end, all our workers saw off the year with a toast and made the commitment that this 2020 the company’s relationship with its clients and users will remain as strong as ever. The kind of commitment that has helped our company last 60 years in full health.