Ventilation as medicine

The state of alarm decreed by the government has forced us all to reorganise our lives around our homes.

In this context, we obviously need to ensure that our homes are a safe environment, therefore it is important to maintain good cleanliness and ventilation.

So today, in Homes That Beat, we are going to discuss the importance of ventilation as a means of protecting the home from harmful germs and viruses.

This is important as it has been proven that poor ventilation doubles the risk of low energy, promotes headaches and worsens the respiratory symptoms of any type of illness.

Furthermore, humidity and enclosed spaces provide a perfect environment for all kinds of microorganisms to thrive, including those that contain viral load.

To avoid this, the general rule is that 10 minutes of ventilation per day is sufficient in each room, although this depends on the number of people in the household.

But of course ventilation requirements will be very different if you have an infected person at home, as in this case rooms will need to be ventilated several times a day and for a longer amount of time.

This is important as good ventilation will improve air quality, reduce the chances of infection for those who are sharing a space with that person and improve the health of everyone in the household.

At Giménez Ganga, we have designed micro-perforated systems like the PM-49 in consideration of those people who need to keep their homes ventilated and protected at all times.

It is made from extruded aluminium with a variety of dimensions that enable the size of the box, shaft and motor to be optimised, and it also improves the entry of light and ventilation in a space.

A solution for households seeking the latest technology to protect the health of the people who live there.

A solution that is the result of the R&D work at Giménez Ganga.