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Training day for the new Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola and the Somfy TaHoma system

On the 7th April, a training session was held at Giménez Ganga’s facilities in Sax for Saxun’s latest model of bioclimatic pergola and the innovative Somfy TaHoma system.

Saxun’s bioclimatic pergolas allow you to enjoy your outdoor life all year round. They offer multiple possibilities for making the most of your terrace or garden as if it were another room in our home, as well as being the ideal solution for all kinds of hotel and restaurant projects.

But at Giménez Ganga we are continuing to develop new models that meet other specifications, such as those seeking to provide our installers with greater comfort and speed in the assembly process.


This is how the new model of Saxun bioclimatic pergola, the P-150, was born. This new model, for which training sessions like the one on the 7th April are being held, is a model with similar characteristics to the P-190 model.

The P-150 is a pergola with moveable slats and an up-to-date design which can be adapted to all architectural styles and which has great installation advantages.

It is quick and easy for the installer, minimising assembly time, as some of the profiles can be clipped into place and therefore don’t require screws. The assembly of the slats is also more made easier thanks to the retractable spring loaded shaft.


During this training day, Saxun’s new catalogue of bioclimatic pergolas was also presented. This very visual and attractive catalogue includes the two current models, and features a rich gallery of our latest installations.


Some of the features of one of the latest developments of the Somfy Brand, the TaHoma system, were then explained.


This is a system with which to easily manage all home equipment through an internet connection, without any cables, in order to provide greater comfort, security and energy saving when controlling awnings, pergolas, blinds and shutters with our Saxun line or any other Giménez Ganga product, such as blinds and rolling doors, louvers, etc.


TaHoma is the most complete system for enjoying a connected home, as you can also use it to control elements such as lighting, heating, etc. It is a simple yet powerful system for a home control customised to the lifestyle of each user.


This day concluded with a practical demonstration of this system applied to our products. The attendees were able to try it out by operating a Saxun bioclimatic pergola with a Wind Screen installed in it, using the Somfy TaHoma system.