This is how Giménez Ganga’s lacquering plant works

For more than two years, Giménez Ganga has had our own high-capacity horizontal lacquering plant to satisfy the demands of our clients and to reduce production times.

With a coating capacity of up to 3,000 bars per day and about 70 colour changes per week, the operation of this plant allows our operators to work at maximum performance with all the colours of the RAL chart.


What exactly is lacquering?

For those of you who don’t know, the lacquering process consists of coating aluminium with a layer of powder paint using electrostatic deposition.

Thanks to this process, the surface of the aluminium profiles acquires the optimal properties to be resistant to the most severe environmental conditions.

In addition, it protects it from natural corrosion and allows it to take on an unlimited variety of colours to meet the aesthetic needs of each project.


How do you lacquer aluminium?

At our plant, aluminium coating is carried out in five stages:

1) Cleaning of the surface.

An acidic aqueous solution is sprayed to clean the surface of grease, dust or any other dirt that may still remain after the extrusion process.


2) Surface attack.

Two types of attacks are carried out with their respective washes, one alkaline and one acid to provide greater adherence to the profile.


3) Passivation.

The profile is given a titanium oxide coating for better adhesion of the powder coating.


4) Paint application.

A series of positively charged electrostatic guns spray the powder paint onto the negatively charged profiles. This way, the paint adheres to the surface.


5) Oven polymerisation.

During this phase the coating is thermoset by inserting the profiles into air convection ovens at a temperature of between 180 °C and 220 °C for 25 minutes.


A work process that is conscious of the environment and that cares about our clients

By carrying out this work process and using the highest quality raw materials, we ensure that we meet the requirements demanded by the certifying body of the Qualicoat and Qualideco seals.

A working process that generates minimal waste and strictly complies with all environmental requirements.

A guarantee that proves that Giménez Ganga’s systems always satisfy the most ambitious customer’s requirements.”