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Somfy Training Meeting

In order to learn at first-hand about the latest Somfy products, Giménez Ganga organised information meetings for our customers in Alicante, Seville, Malaga and Granada. The advantages and convenience of having a Connected Home were described during these training and informational meetings.

The TaHoma system includes new sensors, cameras, alarms, lighting controllers such as Philips Hue, etc. It enables remote control of these devices in the home using wireless devices.

Jornadas Formativas Somfy Training Meeting Journées de formation

In this way, you can have a connected home (Plug & Play) without any building works, expanding your network at your own pace and to match your financial means. The system promotes energy savings and security and enables you to personalise the functions easily and simply using a friendly interface.

Jornadas Formativas Somfy Training Meeting Journées de formation

For more specific functionality, Somfy also presented Conexoon. Access, Terrace and Window are the three possibilities for controlling devices such as doors, awnings and shutters. Their operation is equally simple, as by downloading the Connexoon application.

Connexoon Window
This is used to close windows, activate the alarm, etc., so you can leave your home without any worries. You can adjust the opening and closing programmes of the shutters connected to weather sensors, a clock or even an alarm.
You can use Check Window to verify that the windows and shutters are properly closed when you are away from home by simply pressing an icon.

Conexoon Terrace
This helps to create your favourite moments on your terrace, regulating the ideal light levels, extending the awning to have the desired amount of shade, retracting the awning to allow natural light to come through, etc.
Once you have your favourite moments, you can capture the conditions with a photograph to have them always accessible in the start menu. With just a click you can check that everything is as you want it. You can also control your music.

Conexoon Access
Your home can prepare for your arrival and welcome you with Geofencing. The front door or that of the garage can open and the external lights can switch on, closing and switching off after the programmed time.
A single click on the control button checks that everything in the house is shut.

Jornadas Formativas Somfy Training Meeting Journées de formation

The new IP cameras, connected by Wi-Fi to TaHoma, alarms connected via the Android and iOS apps, new cameras with detectors for smoke, presence, presence plus photograph, etc., were also shown.

With this training meeting, Giménez Ganga wishes to enable its customers to find about and gain the maximum benefit from the most innovative home automations system on the market, in this case of Somfy. This series of activities, with the help of more than 200 professionals, was a complete success.