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Saxun, on the front cover of Protección Solar

The front cover of Protección Solar magazine shows a Saxun installation that illustrates the freedom to enjoy life outdoors and the peace of mind that comes with feeling completely protected from inclement weather, all made possible by creating new spaces.

For the summer months this specialist solar protection magazine publishes a special feature on the various protection systems available for the hotel, catering and restaurant sectors.

This time of year, when the days are longer and warmer, is ideal for going out with family and friends to bars, restaurants and hotels, places chosen for sharing good times together. But why deprive yourself of the chance to do all this outside? There’s an increasing trend in this business for venues to expand outwards with walls that don’t require building work.

So, the front cover chosen for this special issue shows an installation done in Seville, where 9 bioclimatic pergolas, 16 Iris box awnings, Descend and Wind Screen awnings plus 16 2010 Gold-VP awnings all create a unique relaxation area. The pergolas take pride of place, as they form a structure that serves as a base for all kinds of hotel and restaurant furniture and accessories, as well as providing a supporting structure for the awnings.