Saxun in El Mueble and Arquitectura y Diseño magazines

Stor Glass is a convenient and simple roller system that fits your window perfectly. It makes use of all the space available to give you the greatest width.

This makes it the ideal blind for all types of window, casement, swing, etc., the best solution when installation is difficult for reasons of space.


A good example is shown in number 646 of the El Mueble magazine, a special edition on mini kitchens and bathrooms with ideas on how to make kitchens and bathrooms brighter.

This month you can also see the Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola featured in the Super Casas special edition of Arquitectura y Diseño magazine. This solar protection system helps to make your home much more than a place to live in. Now that summer is here it allows you to enjoy your terrace or garden as if it were yet another room in your house.