Sax celebrates its patron saint festival

Giménez Ganga’s head office in Sax will be closed from 1 to 6 February (both inclusive) due to local holidays.

The town celebrates its Moors and Christians festival from 1 to 5 February in honour of St Blas. During these five days, the town of Sax throbs to the rhythm of the pasa-doble and the air is filled with the smell of gunpowder to celebrates its patron saint festival.

These festivals began in 1627 when the people of Sax took an oath to celebrate St Blas’ day to show their devotion to the patron saint of the town. Ever since, the Moors and Christians have been celebrated to coincide with this day, commemorating the reconquest of Sax by James I troops in 1239. They are the town’s most important and best-known festivals.

One of the aspects more highlights during patron saint festival, is the massive participation of local society.

The ‘comparsas’ (groups of people who organise elements of the festivals) were started at the end of the 19th century after the appearance of the Moors and Christians, the oldest of which give the festival its name. The youngest, ‘los Caballeros de Cardona’ was formed in 1989, joining other groups called the Moroccans, the Garibaldis, the Turks, the Aragonese and the Arab Emirs.

In addition, the patron saint festival was declared “Festival of Provincial Interest” by Generalitat Valenciana in 2013.