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Rolling mosquito screens: A whole new level of protection

Giménez Ganga presents, within its wide range of mosquito nets, its ideal roll-up models for installation in windows of all types of homes.

As part of its wide range of mosquito screens, Giménez Ganga is proud to present its rolling models, which can be installed perfectly in the windows of any type of housing. Thanks to their optimum level of performance and their easy adaptability to a variety of spaces, they are highly appealing to both users and fitters.

The meshes used in the different Giménez Ganga mosquito screen models are manufactured under the most rigorous of conditions and specifications, thus ensuring maximum quality and producing a product which serves as a reliable barrier to the entry of any type of insect.

Comprehensive protection, designed with the health of users in mind.

Safeguarding the comfort and wellbeing of users means more than just maintaining spaces free of those troublesome little creatures which create so much of an impact on our daily lives, particularly in the spring and summer. In order to ensure complete peace of mind, the screens should also be consistent and of uniform texture, in this way also serving as an anti-pollen screen.

According to the Spanish Society of Allergology, 75% of the respiratory difficulties faced by the Spanish population are due to the presence of pollen in the air, meaning that keeping spaces protected is not only a matter of comfort, but also of health.

The ideal solution for every situation:

Health is successfully protected by responding to the surrounding environment. Depending on the requirements of the location, the following options can be set up:

  • Premium anti-wind rolling screen:The mechanism of this anti-wind screen prevents the mesh from escaping from the frame in the event of adverse weather conditions. The vertical movement of the screen is provided by the spring which is built into its frame. The connection of the terminal to the lower base of the frame ensures that the mosquito screen closes perfectly. Discover more about our screens here (Premium 65).
  • Rolling screen:Perfect for any type of windows, this is the most practical and widely-used mosquito protection system as it involves a quick and easy installation process. The interior of the frame includes a recoil spring which provides a better level of rolling, and the upper part includes a sealed sheet which further impedes the potential entry of insects and air currents.

Two different frame sizes can be chosen for this last screen. The first frame measures 35 millimetres and is perfect for smaller spaces. The second frame measures 43 millimetres and provides a greater rolling capacity, helping the product to fit better with higher spaces and making it a perfect option for installation in large window areas.

Optimum aesthetic features:

Furthermore, the extensive range of colours and finishes in which the profiles can be manufactured means that Giménez Ganga mosquito screens are perfectly suited to any environment and any decorative style, winning the approval of architects and designers throughout the world.

The wide range of RAL colours available, in addition to the possibility of selecting anodised, lacquered and layered models, lend a real elegance and style to a product which strives to be more than just a barrier to insects.

The option of concealing the mechanism provides yet another level of distinction, something which is to be expected of a company that is renowned for its passion for design in addition to the high quality of its products.

A product designed for the care of those that are the most important to you. A guarantee of success, manufactured using the most cutting-edge technology on the market.

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