Returning to the future of feeling safe

The coronavirus pandemic is also affecting those who make a living by enriching themselves at the expense of other people’s property. According to various reports from the National Police, since the containment measures were implemented, there has been a notable decrease of thefts in our towns and cities.

In this post we will discuss the need to protect our homes once the State of Alarm comes to an end.

Criminals’ fear of catching the coronavirus while carrying out their misdeeds has reduced crime levels more than any measure ever implemented by a public authority.

This trend, which we all welcome, hides a question that only time will be able to answer: what will happen when everything goes back to normal?

Security experts have not been able to agree on an answer.

While one strand of opinion argues that it will take time for criminal activities to resurface again, as is the case with the various legal economic sectors, other experts suggest that as soon as the streets are free of viral load, thieves will begin working again at full capacity.

For our part, while it is clear that the authorities and security forces are working hard to make our streets as safe as possible, we would also like to give one piece of advice to all our followers: you must protect your windows.

This is vital as these holes are the easiest way to enter our homes. For many years we have chosen the doors that offer the greatest impact resistance, but what about windows?

The key to protecting your windows is extruded aluminium blinds. Some of them, such as the PS-25R system, combine maximum security with the best ventilation performance so that homes can enjoy maximum peace of mind at all times.

A very useful solution for moments of uncertainty like the ones we will be experiencing shortly.