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PS 25-R: Ventilation for home lovers

The heat is on its way, so we will all be looking to keep our homes as cool as possible during the hottest hours of the day.

The key to this is to achieve optimum ventilation throughout the living space, effectively blocking the sun’s rays while simultaneously allowing air to circulate.

With this purpose in mind, Giménez Ganga has designed the new PS-25 R slat. It incorporates very long landscape machining, which considerably increases aeration and the entry of light into the room, reaching approximately 13% of the free aeration area in relation to the cloth panel coverage.

The new linking design also reduces friction on the contact surface when the slats are in motion, to achieve the smooth and quiet movement that we all look for in our homes.

Furthermore, thanks to its ability to reduce indoor solar radiation, it helps users save on energy consumption, significantly reducing the cost of electricity bills during the hottest months of the year.

A solution from Giménez Ganga that is designed to reduce visibility from outside, while maximising it inside.

An ideal solution for families seeking maximum well-being in their home.