V-5 louvers installed in a residential building

V-5 louvers installed in a residential building


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V-5 louvers installed in a residential building

In the following installation we present a V5 fixed louver system installed in horizontal format for the protection of a residential building’s façade.

This system offers great features, not only in terms of sun protection, but also in controlling access and creating a sense of privacy, providing a secure and tranquil space to enjoy the breeze during the hottest months of the year.

This is a very useful feature for buildings in southern Europe, where temperatures are high and air conditioning systems can be expensive.


Easy to install in any situation

This louver system, made up of 2 extruded aluminium profiles, allows for a wide variety of finishes such as wood-grain, lacquered and anodised. In addition, to avoid corrosion, the support is machined beforehand with the surface finish being applied afterwards.

Thanks to the easy installation of the fixed V5 louver system, once the vertical supports have been fixed, you only have to clip the slats onto the supports.


Protection for a variety of projects

The V5 louver system not only acts as an ideal architectural solution, but it also adapts perfectly to the latest architectural trends in which louver systems are prominent in all types of work, both industrial and civil.

Solutions that can be manufactured in a multitude of colours to add a distinctive and attractive touch to façades.

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