The Roka-Therm box in a passivhaus construction site

The Roka-Therm box in a passivhaus construction site


Today we travel to the town of Muchamiel, an urban area in Alicante, to accompany the technical architect Ana Argelés in the construction of the first certified Passivhaus housing project to be carried out in the region.

The Roka-Therm box in a passivhaus construction site

In the photos accompanying this project, you can see the Mínima Ventanas team installing the Roka-Therm boxes on all the windows of each house. These houses require the highest thermal insulation coefficients so that their energy consumption is minimised.

With the Roka-Therm drawer, homeowners are able to increase the comfort of a space that the team has designed from the outset with a clear purpose in mind.

The wide variety of sizes of openings that it can cover, with widths ranging from 120 centimetres to 320 centimetres, demonstrates the versatility of a system that can adapt perfectly to the needs of any type of room.

And although the main reason for choosing Roka-Therm in this particular case is to maximise energy savings, other features of the product are no less important and will certainly have an impact on the final value of the property.

These benefits include the great robustness provided by the system and the high acoustic insulation coefficient that is offers.

Regarding their robustness, the user should know that these systems are quickly and easily integrated into the masonry during the construction phase of the building envelope, integrating filling cavities to allow the installer to optimally anchor the box in the concrete lintels and allowing the safe connection with the structure of the building.

Regarding their insulating capacities, their manufacture in special highly insulating polystyrene reduces the penetration of noise from the outside, something that although in a project developed in a relatively quiet area like this does not seem to be of great help, can be very beneficial for those who live in this house when the urbanization works of the adjacent buildings continue.

 A solution that we will follow very closely and that we will present when it is 100% finished.

A solution that will become a benchmark for hundreds of architecture students throughout the province of Alicante.

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