Saxun pergolas and awnings for leisure and catering areas

Saxun pergolas and awnings for leisure and catering areas

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Increasingly, products which fell out of use due to their replacement by other more modern and sophisticated products are now returning to the forefront of the world of design, architecture or fashion.

Saxun pergolas and awnings for leisure and catering areas

But among all these types of systems, there is one that stands out, which remains unique, both for the home and for any of the aforementioned businesses. This is the Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola, with its unbeatable functional, technical and aesthetic characteristics.

We can add multiple accessories to make your pergola a totally customised structure. This includes the installation of different types of awnings (box awnings, vertical), in order to complete the construction according to the client’s needs, expanding and protecting the surface of the new space even more.

This is the case of a recent installation of Saxun pergolas and awnings by Seram Projects and Installations in Seville, on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. 

An installation located in the Barranco area (formerly the Seville Mercado de Entradores), which has been designed to extend and protect a leisure area, using various models (different types) of the Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola, and Iris, Wind Screen, Descend and 2010 Gold-VP awnings.

A feeling of comfort through an open terrace that provides sun protection, as well as shelter from severe weather.

A structure that protects the 200m2 surrounding the kiosk via 8 simple models and 1 duplex model of the Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola, all with LED lighting.

16 Iris motorised cassette awnings have been installed around the perimeter. Thus, the protected area is enlarged, and this new space is made more comfortable in order to enjoy the beautiful views of the Guadalquivir River, with the Triana Bridge in the background.

At the ends, vertical awnings have been placed to delimit the bar area, as well as providing a sense of security and protection.

Wind Screen has been combined with the Descend awning, both also motorised.


In an area adjacent to the market itself, 16 2010 Gold-VP awnings have been installed, a monoblock awning with a slope variator.

Two lines of 8 awnings have been placed, creating a pitched roof with which to shade the marquee area. In this way, it has been possible to enlarge the restaurant area of the Market’s interior for those who wish to enjoy the outdoor environment.

In addition to creating a great shade with these awnings, a system for harnessing rainwater has also been devised. The inclination of the awnings of a wing directs the rainwater that falls on them towards the interior of the structure, where there is a system of roofs to channel the water towards the planters.

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