Saxun blinds: How style and luminosity merge

Saxun blinds: How style and luminosity merge


We are already a few weeks into 2018 and the best décor gurus are already venturing to say what the renovation trends for homes and workplaces will be this year.

Saxun blinds: How style and luminosity merge

It seems that textured walls, the combination of materials such as marble, glass and wood or sculptural lamps will coexist in search of harmony with an element that has always been there: the light.

As there has been a trend in interior design for many decades: the search for natural lighting to fit better with the décor.

This reality must keep professionals alert, who must be careful that this integration does not limit the lighting needs of those who have to live in a house or work in a space.


Functionality and aesthetics are within reach

So that this does not happen, from Saxun we present our wide range of roller blinds, which are easy to install and have Giménez Ganga’s guarantee.

Thanks to the infinite combinations of systems and fabric types in which Saxun blinds are available, they will always integrate both aesthetically and technically according to the needs of each space.

In search of maximum performance

The great variety of opening positions will allow the installer to choose the level of light that enters the space, allowing it to be adapted to the requirements of each room and, at the same time, maintaining the aesthetic harmony that would be expected from one of the most in-demand interior design solutions in the world.

This makes Saxun the ideal supplier for places such as offices, hotels, educational centres or any other building where there are various rooms with different lighting requirements.

Thermal efficiency for all types of works

A solution designed to be efficient whose use will reduce the need for air conditioning equipment thanks to the ability of Saxun roller blinds to limit the thermal transfer between the inside and the outside. Ideas that can not only be applied to refurbished spaces but have also become indispensable for new projects. Ideas that make life easier for users and installers.

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