Robustness and design with safety in mind

Robustness and design with safety in mind

Sectional Doors

If you’re looking for effective and safe protection for your garage, the PS 300 sectional door is the right choice.

With an avant-garde design, and created to provide comfort and peace of mind for users, the PS 300 has become a symbol of security that helps us to protect those who matter most to us.

This installation of two PS 300 motorised sectional doors (3.00 x 3.17 metres (height x width), lacquered in the 1015 textured finish, with robust extruded aluminium profiles linked to the stainless steel or galvanised components they incorporate) make these doors an ideal solution to secure the garage, while protecting it from wind, rain and even fire, complying with the main regulations and so ensuring maximum performance in all types of uses.

Its sleek look fits with various aesthetics and adapts to all types of projects, both new constructions and renovations.

Its ease of use and high level of personalisation, both in finishes and its adaptability to spaces where conventional opening isn’t an option, make it the most versatile option on the market. 

Automation is another element that makes this a leading product.

The Somfy motorisation makes it an extremely simple and convenient product, as the user can effortlessly raise or lower the door.

And not only that. It includes the option of making the door completely domotisable, so it can be controlled at any time and from anywhere.

An innovation that helps keep those who matter most to us protected.

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