R-100 louvers and bioclimatic pergolas at the Gran Casino de Castellón

R-100 louvers and bioclimatic pergolas at the Gran Casino de Castellón

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The Gran Casino de Castellón opened its doors a few years ago as one of the most exclusive gambling spaces on the Levantine coast.

R-100 louvers and bioclimatic pergolas at the Gran Casino de Castellón

The former classic port building now boasts gastronomic and leisure activities alongside its traditional casino activities. The casino is becoming more and more relevant in the social scene of the city and at Giménez Ganga we are proud to have played a role in the success of the installation that we’ll be showing you today.

With the aim of increasing the value of the building, extending its facilities and fusing its traditional architecture with the contemporary touch that straight lines always offer, a space has been built next to the main section that is framed by R-100 louvers with integrated lights and covered by twenty-one bioclimatic pergolas.

This space, whose roof combines movable and fixed slats, houses one of the largest slot halls in the Mediterranean.

Unbeatable aesthetics

Thermal comfort blends with visual comfort for those inside the space, as the choice of a RAL 9005 colour makes it blend in perfectly with the dark and elegant decoration that the Group gives to all its buildings.

And if you thought the pergola, made of the highest quality extruded aluminium, was a highly effective and aesthetically pleasing solution, wait until you hear about the installation of a group of fixed, vertical R-100 louvers. These louvers are anchored directly on the wall of the space with the minimum separation between them to provide a unique view from the outside.

Thanks to the LED lighting that has been installed in most of them and their length of more than three and a half meters, it is possible to create a light show that simulates the shape of the waves of the sea and has a remarkable impact on the thousands of people who walk the promenade every day.

In fact, if you spend any time at the port of Castellón de La Plana at night, you’re sure to see someone stop to be photographed next to the louvers’ lights.

A space designed to save money

But these products not only have an aesthetic function that gives spaces a unique personality, they also help to reflect heat and dissipate it into the atmosphere, helping to keep the temperature inside the room cooler in the summer months.

This property of the louver coverings means that the company will reduce their air conditioning costs, thus helping to save money and protect the environment.

An original idea that proves that Giménez Ganga and Saxun’s systems combine perfectly with the creativity of the most ingenious architects to create forms that will leave a stamp on the imaginations of local people forever.



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