PS-300 Installed in a garage door

PS-300 Installed in a garage door

Sectional Doors

PS-300 Installed in a garage door

PS-300 Installed in a garage door

Giménez Ganga´s new sectional doors are designed to satisfy the most innovative requirements of designers of both new projects and renovations.

Thanks to the robust extruded aluminium profiles and the incorporation of stainless steel or galvanised steel components, it is the ideal solution for garages, as is evident from this example.


Each of the panels which make up the door consists of two sheets of reinforced steel filled with expanded polystyrene, which provides an ideal combination of safety and thermal and acoustic insulation.

Its structure is designed to provide protection from wind, rain and fire, complying with the main regulations and ensuring maximum performance for every type of application.


Giménez Ganga sectional doors are designed to be easy to assemble for installers, as no hinges need to be added at the meeting point between the panels, with the panel itself acting as a hinge instead.

Being easy to use, available in a variety of sizes and adaptable to spaces where conventional opening is not possible, it is the most versatile option on the market.


An option that is available in a wide range of colours, textures and finishes, allowing it to adapt to all the aesthetic requirements of the designer.

An innovation that helps to protect those who matter most.

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