O-300 Installed at a school

O-300 Installed at a school


Installation of louvers for the protection of a school in Callosa d’en Sarrià

O-300 Installed at a school

Today we want to present a very special installation carried out in a place where the high sun exposure throughout many months of the year makes protection from it a constructive need of the utmost importance. These are the facilities of a school in Callosa d’en Sarrià, a municipality in the province of Alicante.

The building has been protected by a system of O-300 model louvers, a slat model designed to cover façades with a large surface area where it is necessary to control incoming light and avoid the entry of water and wind action.


Complete versatility

Although in this case the installation position is vertical, it also allows a horizontal installation as per the technical and aesthetic needs of the space which needs to be protected.

Despite being a model with motorisation capabilities, in this case it was decided to install them by determining a certain slat orientation by means of attachment systems, thus adapting to the specific needs of the façade in a geographical area with an almost constant exposure to the sun during daylight hours.


Ability to solve all kinds of challenges

The possibility of choosing from the wide variety of products available to the brand to please architects with all kinds of needs is one of the main reasons why the Ministry of Education trusts a company like Giménez Ganga.

A company with the capacity to provide solutions for any type of requirement at any latitude.


Multitude of colours

The use of the highest quality aluminium produced in compliance with the highest international standards, together with infinite lacquering possibilities, as can be seen in this installation, guarantees maximum performance at all times.

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