Maximum aesthetics, maximum bioclimatic protection: P-190 Pergola

Maximum aesthetics, maximum bioclimatic protection: P-190 Pergola


A solution created to enhance home life whilst offering a little touch of design.

Maximum aesthetics, maximum bioclimatic protection: P-190 Pergola

The product we are introducing is a Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola installed in an exclusive house in Alicante.

As you can see, it is mounted on two walls. The slats are perpendicular to the wall and incorporate a free drainage system that prevents rain from damaging the product.

The Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola is ideal for enjoying a terrace all year round, becoming a natural temperature regulator with the ability to effectively protect you from annoying sun rays, rain or snow.

Its registered perimeter seal acts against sideways rain while preventing reflections on the structure from being annoying to those inside.

Its sealing rubber waterproofs the space between slats, making it impossible for water to enter inside.

Its design, which is dominated by straight, timeless and minimalist lines is designed to adapt to any architectural style, fitting perfectly and effectively into places as distinct as cottages, bungalows or penthouses.

Its motorised drive, with the 24 Vdc engine discreetly concealed between the slats and the frame, allows a comfortable and safe control of the pergola, being able to regulate it easily before any sudden change in the weather.

The Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola is a structure that is designed not only to create a pleasant and comfortable space for those who use it, but also to help save energy by reducing the use of electrical temperature control systems after being installed. In addition, it is the ideal solution to give you more living space in the home without the need for long and expensive works.

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