Eforus window and door shutter in a house with its own personality

Eforus window and door shutter in a house with its own personality

Window and doors shutters

Today we bring you the début installation of the new Éforus Folding Window and door shutter, which has been made to cover windows of 2.10 by 1.30 meters in a recently-renovated apartment in the interior of the province of Alicante.

Eforus window and door shutter in a house with its own personality

There, in a place where summers are hot and winters are mild, the owner of the house was looking for an idea that would fuse innovation and tradition and that would be perfectly suited to the carpentry he had chosen to give his home a new lease of life.

Thanks to the choice of six Eforus double-leaf Window and door shutters, with movable slats, non-overlapping and with an open frame, the customer has found a solution that occupies the minimum space and with which he can adapt at all times the degree of brightness to the needs of the room.

In this way, it is possible to create an atmosphere in which straight lines acquire prominence, giving order to a space in which the value of symmetry is appreciated in each of the decorative elements that compose it.

The manufacture, using the highest quality aluminium that meets the most demanding standards of the European Union, accompanied by a mountain pine foil attached to the product following the strictest specifications in terms of durability, will help to ensure that the passage of time does not deteriorate the colour chosen for these window and door shutters.

Moreover, thanks to the nature of this product, designed from the outset to function fully as a shutter, the windows will remain protected from the wind at all times, helping to conserve them.

And while protection against the wind is important, it is no less important against solar radiation, helping to keep heat pockets on the outside and helping the owners of this house to reduce the costs of the dreaded electricity bill.

An idea developed 100% by Giménez Ganga’s Technical Office and designed for those who want to give their living spaces a unique personality.

An idea that will surely improve the quality of life of those who enjoy such unique spaces.


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