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R-400 louvers to protect buildings for medical use

R-400 louvers to protect buildings for medical use


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R-400 louvers to protect buildings for medical use

In the following installation we present an R-400 louver system installed in a fixed and vertical format for the protection of a health centre façade in the city of Murcia.

This system offers great performance in terms of solar protection, reducing the effects of solar rays on the façade and helping to keep the space cooler during the hottest months of the year.

This issue is of particular concern in a city like Murcia, which according to all recorded data is the second hottest capital of Spain, where expenditure on air conditioning systems is very high during the summer months.

Extruded aluminium that shines with its own light:

The R-400 louver slats, manufactured from extruded aluminium and composed of R-400 ½ slats joined together, also provide lighting through reflection of incident light onto the slat, which creates optimum lighting for the well-being of users and professionals.

Furthermore, although not present in this installation, a model like the one we are presenting allows for the installation of photovoltaic panels on the outside of the slats for generating energy, helping to make buildings self sufficient in energy.

Self-sufficient buildings with potential for the installation of LED lights on interior faces, allowing lighting inside the building powered by the accumulated energy.

Ideas for the most contemporary architecture

The R-400 louver system not only acts as an ideal architectural solution, but it also adapts perfectly to the new architectural trends in which louver systems are prominent in all types of work, both industrial and civil.

Solutions that allow for a combination of several colours in the two profiles to add a distinctive and attractive touch to façades.

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