Alicantina shutters in modern architecture

Alicantina shutters in modern architecture

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Alicantina shutters in modern architecture

This is due, among other things, to the result of the search for new and original solutions and the constant movement of trends that have made the term vintage so fashionable, for example.

However, the most common thing in the design world in recent years is for products that originally had a particular use to be used for a different purpose. 

This is the case with the Alicantina shutters, a product that has been a pioneer in sun protection and that today is a classic.

This type of product, in particular the Ideal shutter, continues to be used for its traditional and conventional function, whether in ground floor houses, in large windows of old houses, etc. 

However, as we have commented before, and as perhaps has also been reinforced by all the revivalist air that we have been breathing for many years, the use of the Alicante shutters is reinventing itself, and the use of Ideal is open to other applications. Thus, we can find this type of shutter as a main element in the construction of different types of furniture, such as chairs, tables, lamps, etc.


We also find it contributing to the creation of modern and sophisticated environments, such as in its use as an enclosure for Balinese Beds at the chicest leisure or beach venues.

We will later talk about a similar case of “reinvention” with our Krisol curtain which is used as a bathroom partition, room divider, etc.

And in line with this concept, today we want to show an original installation by Marcos Méndez and Paco Llopis, from the Cube Group, in a spectacular single-family home in Alicante.

It is composed of 50 Ideal shutters that cover all of this Chalet’s windows, which has no other solar protection system such as blinds, awnings, etc.

50 walnut-finish shutters which, with their warm and natural essence, fit perfectly into the design devised by architect Ricardo Miñana, whose aim was to create a rustic atmosphere, colouring in a construction with straight and clean lines in sandy tones, thus achieving a totally balanced design.

These blinds are not placed as they are, in theory, conceived in their original design.

With them, the following Sliding Panels have been created which, as the name suggests, slide horizontally to protect the window.

If the blinds have to be picked up for maintenance purposes they can be rolled up for convenience.

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