Protected exteriors with Bioclimatic Pergolas

Do you want to get the most out of you outdoor spaces all year round, offering maximum comfort to your clients?

Thanks to Saxun bioclimatic pergolas, hospitality proprietors can ensure that their terraces are well-protected in any season and expand the space in any establishment, without the need for any construction work.

This solar protection system presented by Giménez Ganga permits the regulation of temperatures on terraces through natural means, whilst offering protection from solar radiation, rain, wind or any other adverse weather conditions. With a robust structure and an elegant, contemporary design, it adapts to any aesthetic or architectural requirement.

Saxun bioclimatic pergolas present endless opportunities for modulation, and are the perfect solution for terraces or gardens in hotels and restaurants. The option of adding successive pergolas through the means of connecting columns make it possible to create personalised solutions for each project, whereby the pergolas can adopt various shapes and sizes in order to adapt to different constructions, décors and purposes.


We offer numerous accessories to maximise comfort during the use of your pergola: infrared heating, music sound and transmission via Bluetooth, etc. The robust structure of the pergola facilitates the installation of any additional elements, including awnings, blinds, mosquito screens, shutters, glass enclosures, etc., which serve to ensure privacy.

Saxun offers systems which enable hoteliers and restauranteurs to benefit from their businesses all year round, irrespective of external climatic conditions. Arbours, patios, terraces or pools in restaurants and hotels are thus protected for their use and enjoyment all 365 days of the year.