Roka-Therm XP

003002, 003028, 003016, 003150

The new Roka-Therm XP shutter box is a greatly robust and resistant system and is used in the installation of rolling shutters in both new builds and home refurbishment and improvement.


This new shutter box is designed and built to bring the greatest comfort and security, and to be the most cost-effective.


The highest levels of acoustic and thermal insulation are guaranteed with its structure, thanks to the use of high-class materials in the production of its components.


Box External Placement Central Placement Internal Placement
Roka-Therm XP 25 1,55 W/m2 K 1,45 W/m2 K 2,00 W/m2 K
Roka-Therm XP 28 1,46 W/m2 K 1,37 W/m2 K 1,64 W/m2 K
Roka-Therm XP 30 1,46 W/m2 K 1,38 W/m2 K 1,68 W/m2 K
Roka-Therm XP 36,5 1,81 W/m2 K 1,48 W/m2 K 1,72 W/m2 K

According to DIN EN ISO 10211

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