R4 -250 / R4-300

R4-250 (050439) - R4-300 (050440)

The R4 louver systems, both in their fixed and mobile configurations, provide professional architects with the latest technology for the most efficient designs. Clean, straight-lined designs that adapt perfectly to the most avant-garde aesthetic needs. Designs that will leave their mark.



The use of aluminium and heavy-duty powder coating ensures a long product life with minimum maintenance.



L’utilisation d’aluminium et de peinture en poudre haute résistance assurent une longue durée de vie au produit avec un minimum d’entretien.



They add a new layer to the building, ensuring greater window protection and making it more difficult for burglars to break into home.



Possibility of selecting mobile or fixed systems, according to the needs of each building.


R4-250 R4-300
Fixed Movable Fixed Movable
Slat depth 250 mm 250 mm 300 mm 300 mm
Slat width 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm
Slat weight 3,983 kg/ml 3,983 kg/ml 4,787 kg/ml 4,787 kg/ml
No slats/ml Variable 3,8 Variable 3,2
(P) Variable pitch according to angle of inclination Variable 260 mm Variable 310 mm
Inclination angle From 0º – 90º From 0º – 120º From 0º – 90º From 0º – 120º
Recomended length Variable according to project Variable according to project Variable according to project Variable according to project
Drive Fixed Motorized Fixed Motorized

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