Mod. R-180


The R-180 is a solar protection system integrated by the R-150 slat and the R base profile, allowing installation on the mounting base with a tilt of 90º.


The R-180 assembly includes two profi les, also with the R-180 slat (creating the exterior geometry) and the faceted base profile, which allows anchoring the assembly base and having an adjustable tilt of to 90º from the mounting base through each side.


Slat depth

180 mm

Slat height

30 mm

Slat weight (kg/ml)

2 kg/ml

Number of slats (unit/ml)

Variable according to project

Slat inclination


Maximum slat length (mm)

2000 m

Speed (km/h)


Wind resistance (Pa) UNE-EN 13659:2016


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