Mod. R-100


The new R-100 slat offers an adjustable solar protection for roofs and facades, reflecting and/or absorbing the solar radiation before its arrival to the building surface, so that this absorbed or reflected heat dissipates into the atmosphere with the energy saving that this represents in warm times of the year.


It can be installed both vertically and horizontally, and can be oriented from (closed position) to 90º (recommended maximum opening position), with the aim of making the most of the light and heat of the sun’s rays in times cold of the year.



Slat depth 100 mm
Slat width 14 mm
Slat weight 0,87 kg/ml
No slats/ml According to the project

(P) Maximum step (mm)

According to the project
Slat inclination angle De 0º a 90º
Maximum slat length recommended 1410 mm
Operation According to the project
Wind Resistance (UNE-EN 13659:2016) Class 6 159-162

Slat orientation over support

 0º to 90º

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