Each of the panels consists in two sheets of reinforced extruded aluminium filled with expanded polystyrene, which provides an ideal combination of safety and thermal and acoustic insulation.

Its structure is designed to protect from wind, rain and fire, complying with the strictest regulations in force.

Our sectional door contributes greatly to thermal insulation, making it a recommended choice for energy efficient and even passive buildings.

Thanks to our thermally insulated panels and sealing systems, we are able to eliminate heat loss in the most affected areas of the leaf to ensure the parameters that allow sectional garage doors to maintain the optimum temperature inside your garage.

Dexxo Pro io mtors offer all the advantages of io technology and are compatible with all products in the Somfy io range:

– Return of information to all bidirectional remote controls.
– Remote monitoring and control using Tahoma®.

A robust motorisation system for any type of project and offers great ease of installation.


Max Width 4.000 mm
Max Height 3.000 mm
Width of the slat 300 mm
Thickness of the slat 40 mm
Motors Dexxo Pro IO
Beam Cell Master-Pro Bitech

• White
• Silver
• Standardised RAL
• Anodised
• Wood Lacquer
• Foliated wood 1 side, Golden and walnut
• Foliated wood 2 sides, Golden and walnut

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