A design to meet the expectations of each project

The PS-25 R is a new elegantly designed slat with straight lines which lends the product a sophisticated air.
Admitting all the colours of the RAL chart and a wide variety of anodized finishes, the user will always find an option which meets the specifications of their area.


Innovation that allows you to see out from the inside

The new PS-25 R incorporates very long landscape pre-drilling (windows), which considerably increases aeration and the entry of light into the room, reaching approximately 12.90% of the free aeration area in relation to the cloth panel coverage. Due to its ability to lower the amount of solar radiation coming in, it helps users save on energy consumption. The unique shape of this slat provides it with a polarizing capacity, maximizing visibility from the inside.


Nominal thickness 9.75 mm
Coverage closed 25 mm
Coverage open 32 mm
Aeration free area (open) 12.90%
Number of slats per metre of height (average) 40 units
Maximum tested width 3.000 mm
Weight 10.40 kg/m2
Production length 6.000 mm
Minimum rolling diameter 50 mm

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