PM-45 Microperforated

053070 (Mobile slat)

Self-Locking micro perforated slat for high aeration and light in the room, maintaining the extra safety of a self-locking slat. The self-locking system blocks the rubber gaskets in the side guides, preventing their opening and protecting your home from intruders.


Compatible with the PM-45 cap set to prevent the sideways movement of the slats.


Aluminium thickness 9 mm
Area of covering (closed) 48,80 mm
Area of covering (deployed) 71,30 mm
Free ventilation area (deployed) 8,85 %
Number slats by meter 20,50 ud
Weight 13,50 kg/m2
Packaging unit standard 60 m/l
Production lengths 5,8 – 6 m
Minimum rolling diameter 60 mm

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