Mod. O-300


Extruded aluminium slat designed to cover large areas of the façade with curtain wall type installations that control light and protect the building from water and wind.


Louvres can be installed parasol-style in a horizontal position or in a vertical position depending on the style of the building and solar control specified in the project.


They can be fixed in a specific position using fixing systems or motorised, according to the project design or user requirements.


Fixed Movable
Clamp Lateral anchoring Sobre perfil estructural

Slat depth

300 mm 300 mm 300 mm

Slat width

40 mm 40 mm 40 mm

Slat weight

3,78 kg/ml 3,78 kg/ml 3,78 kg/ml

No slats/ml

It depends on the project 4

(P) Maximum step (mm)

—– —– 280 mm

Slat inclination angle

0º – 22,50º – 45º – 67,50º

0º /15º /30º – 90º

0º – 100º Manual / 0º-120º Motorised

Maximum slat length recommended

3.500 mm

3.500 / 3.750 / 4.000 mm

4.000 mm


—- —- Manual and motorised

Wind resistance

(UNE-EN 13659:2016) Clase 6

112 km/h 112 km/h 112 km/h

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