Mod. O-210


Slat developed to cover large areas on facades with curtain walls with the requirement for controlling the entry of light and preventing the entry of water or the action of the wind.


The latticework can be installed as a sunshade horizontally or vertically depending on the appearance or sunlight control requirements determined by the designer.


It can be designed as fixed in a given position with fixing systems or also as mobile, driven manually or with a motor according to the requirements of the project or use.


Fixed Movable
Clamps Lateral Anchoring Pivot Grille

Slat depth

210 mm 210 mm 210 mm 210 mm

Slat width

30 mm 30 mm 30 mm 30 mm

Slat weight

1,76 kg/ml 1,76 kg/ml 1,76 kg/ml 1,76 kg/ml

No slats/ml

It depends on the project 5 5

(P) Maximum step (mm)

—– —– 205 205

Slat inclination angle

0º – 14,40º – 28,80º – 43,20º 0º – 29º /30º – 90º 0º – 130º Manual / 0º-105º Motorised

Maximum slat length recommended

709 mm 2.000 / 2.500 mm 3.000 mm 3.000 mm


—- —- Manual and motorised Manual and motorised

Wind resistance

(UNE-EN 13659:2016) Clase 6

112 km/h 112 km/h 112 km/h 112 km/h

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