Lateral 2020

8990 (Simple) 8991 (Doble)

The new 2020 mosquito screen designed by Giménez Ganga is an elegant side-rope mosquito net, ideal for windows. It has an ergonomic grip along the entire profile of the handle, which makes it convenient and easy to operate from both inside and outside.
The opening and closing of the door, despite having a spring, is very controlled, without causing sudden and rapid windings.

This feature, combined with the very low ground guide (only 5 mm), makes the product ideal for aisles. The 2020 side has a very fast fixation, thanks to the bayonet clips.


 Length High
Simple door Min. 1.400 mm
Max. 1.400 mm 2.800 mm
Doble door Min. 1.400 mm
 Max.  2.800 mm  2.800 mm

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