Mod. I


Fixed slat made of extruded aluminium that can also be supplied micro perforated.


This version increases ventilation by up to 20%and increases natural light by the same amount, helping energy saving.


The supports are punched equidistantly (allowing various steps) to facilitate the levelled anchoring of the slats without the need for fixing screws.


This spacing will depend on the desired degree of coverage and aeration area.


Slat depth

35,50 mm

Slat height

100 mm

Slat weight

0,45 kg/ml

No slats/ml

Step 7 to 11
Support 35×40 / 40×40 mm

Separation between support profile centres

2000 mm

Slat overhang maximum

300 mm

Maximum distance between fixture points of supports

1500 mm
Aluminum alloy EN AW 6063 T5

Wind resistance

(UNE-EN 13659:2016) CLASS 6

112 km/h

* When this distance is more than 1.500 mm, ask us for information about the most suitable structural frame for your installation..

* NOTE: If the distance is greater than those shown, a structural profile must be attached to the surface according to the project.

* Test performed with dual 40×40 support.

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