Mod. HR


Perfect for covering facades to give the building an avant guarde touch. It is also ideal for closing openings between walls, fencing gardens and as a traditional system for closing ventilation openings, all while allowing a good entry of light. This slat have been designed specifically for ventilation of spaces that have specific anti-storm requirements.


Thanks to its easy installation, the supports are fixed vertically and the slats are then clipped directly to the supports.


The step or separation between the slats is standard.


Optionally, side plugs can be fitted.


Slat depth

68,81 mm

Slat height

45 mm

Slat weight

0,56 kg/ml

No slats/m

Step 22,2

Separation between support profile centres

1200 mm

Slat overhang maximum

300 mm

Maximum distance between fixture points of supports

1500 mm

Wind resistance

(UNE-EN 13659:2016) CLASS 6

112 km/h

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