Hinged Window and Door Shutter

053060 (Fixed slat) 053070 (Mobile slat)

Mallorcan blind that can include the desired number of panes to match the width of the opening.


It features the possibility of even or odd numbers of panes on each side.


This closure system is in book form so that the panes can be moved to the sides of the opening in which it is installed.


This covers very long openings, leaving a wide area free of obstacles.


Upper rail 47,5 x 79,3 mm.
Pane 40 x 55 mm
Models* Fixed D-5
Mobile D-7
Recommended width Panes divided into 750 mm modules.
Recommended height 2,500 mm pane (divided by a transom consisting of two parts to install two or more mechanisms).
Accessories White and black.
Number of panes 1 rail: 1 and 2 panes
2 rails: 2, 3 and 4 panes.
Lower finish Possibility of embedded or surface guide.
* Consult for other slat models, as long as the installation opening allows it.

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