Improves energy efficiency in any restoration or renovation project. The excellent thermal and acoustic properties contribute to energy and cost savings. Available in sizes of 155, 185 and 200 mm. Special new insulation, available in measurements of 155 and 185 mm (keeping the same rolling capacity), which promotes reduction of acoustic and thermal levels inside the room. Substantially improves performance in the determination of thermal transmittance assay (Usb, thermal transmittance coefficient). Levelness design in any installation, compatible with aluminium and PVC joinery.


For use with aluminium joinery, the profiles enable finishes in any RAL lacquer, anodised and grained wood, presenting a uniformity of finish between the box, blind and joinery, PVC compact system.


Box A B C D E F
155 155 170 160 144 135 34
185 185 199 189,60 174 165 34
200 200 214 204 189 179,50 34,50

Sizes are in mm.

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