Mod. D-5


Extruded aluminium slat fitted in a machined frame.


Installed in a 40×40 frame for overlap, it provides perfect sealing in fixed latticework frames through the incorporation of overlaps, thus hiding any imperfections in the building.


For more information, our technical dossier.


Slat depth 50 mm
Slat height 10 mm
Slat weight 0,32 kg/ml
Maximum distance between fixture points 950 mm
Nº slats/ml 24,10 mm
Step 41,50 mm
Slat inclination angle 57º
Frame profiles 40×40 for overlap – Perimeter / 40×40 auto drilled – Intermediate
Compatible overlaps 30 / 50 / 80
Maximum recommended slat length mm 950 mm
Wind resistance (UNE-EN 13659:2016) Class 6 112 km/h

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