Mod. AP-140


The aluminium end plates guide an aluminium tube through the interior of the slat that is anchored to some mechanised openings in the frame of 50×40 mm, using an anti-friction cap. This system adds great resistance to the louver’s ensemble.


Manual or motorised operation can be used in both cases.


The brush of the incorporated seal in the slats avoids impact and along with the brush perimeter of the frame avoids the passing of sunlight through the louver in the closed position, diminishing the vibrations caused by the wind.


Slat depth

139 mm

Slat width

21,30 mm

Slat weight

1,24 kg/ml

No slats/ml


(P) Maximum step (mm)

132,50 mm

Slat inclination angle

0º-110º (Manual) / 0º-105º (Motorized)

Maximum slat length recommended

2000 mm

Pivot system

/ 2500 mm

Grill system


Manual and Motorised

Wind resistance

(UNE-EN 13659:2016) CLASS 6

112 km/h

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