R+D+A: the new dimension of innovation

We create cutting-edge products designed to improve the lives of users by meeting their architectural and aesthetic needs.

To achieve this, we have devised our own method of innovation: Research, Development and Application. Because it only makes sense to create something if it has a useful application for the end user.

We subject our products to controls and laboratory tests that guarantee the quality, durability and resistance of their components to last a lifetime.

Our best spokespeople: satisfied customers who keep coming back.

Our best specifiers: satisfied customers and repeat users
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A surprising production capacity...

90,000 m² of storage, more than 600 employees and optimised production capacity to ensure that our customers' orders always arrive on time.
  • 8 PVC extrusion lines
  • 8 lines of aluminium slat profiling
  • 3 aluminium extrusion lines
  • 1 vertical coating plant
  • 1 horizontal coating plant

Tonnes used in production in 2018:

  • 4,000 Polyvinyl chlorid (PVC)
  • 5,000 Extruded aluminium
  • 6,500 Profiled aluminium
Only a trustworthy production capability can assure customers that, whatever happens, their product will be ready on time.

Endorsed processes and materials

Both our production processes and the aluminium we use meet the highest standards of certification and quality. The commitment of Giménez Ganga is that our products are able to meet the needs of our customers while scrupulously adhering to the applicable regulations. For more information you can download the following certificates: AENOR ISO 9001 Certificate IQNET ISO 9001 Certificate