New Wind Screens Dante and Grazia

The new Saxun Wind Screens have been established as one of the most attractive options by architecture and decoration professionals.

Thanks to their clean lines and high functionality, they have developed the type of character needed in every project.

Dante, with a straight box that adapts to all type of spaces, and Grazia, with a curved box designed for those spaces which need more organic and holistic forms, offer the most natural and aesthetically pleasing protection which is compatible with all types of large windows and bioclimatic pergolas.


Visual protection and thermal comfort

With the inclusion of this product, the user is guaranteed an optimal control of the light, avoiding glare and guaranteeing visual comfort in the space.

And if visual comfort is important, thermal is not the least, since Saxun’s Wind Screens are designed to control the solar incidence and keep the interior of the room at the right temperature at all times.


Tranquility for everyone

Because if the Wind Screen of Saxun has been designed for something, it is to provide peace of mind to users and installers. On the one hand, the user finds a product that guarantees maximum privacy in the home at the same time as protection against inclement weather that resists winds up to class 5.

On the other hand, thanks to the large dimensions of manufacturing, its ease of installation and the technical service provided by Giménez Ganga to its customers, installers will see all their needs covered from the start.

Making customers’ lives much more comfortable.

And all fully automatable and domotizable so that the user does not have to make any effort at the time of using the system.

Thanks to the possibility of including rain or wind sensors and the ability to create preconfigured scenarios, the person can get the most out of the product without having to spend a second.

Innovations that ensure maximum performance

Although what really makes the difference in Saxun’s new Wind Screen, is its ability to offer greater performance in terms of functionality and usability, both in the assembly and installation process and in its daily use.

A clear example of this is the fact that the chest incorporates a doormat in the rear profile of its drawer that avoids the friction of the fabric with the guide in the maneuvers of ascent and descent. This ensures a longer life of the fabric.


Hidden welding

The terminal of these systems supposes a profile of extruded aluminum that provides an additional tension to the fabric and that guarantees the movement of the fabric in all type of circumstances. Said terminal is served in coordinated color with drawer and guides.

The fabric is inserted in an inner housing of the terminal that allows the welding of the fabric to be hidden in it, favoring its aesthetics.


Seal rubber and lower cover

To compensate for the possible unevenness of the surface where it rests, the terminal of the Wind Screen integrates a rubber seal of 15 mm in height. It also prevents the passage of water.

Passage of the water that guides the lower cover, thus preventing it from accumulating at its base and causing humidity due to the action of the rain and the relente.


Coextrusion guide profile

Our zipper guide profile is generated by a coextrusion process, where PVC and rubber are conformed at the same time.

With this union between both components the noise originated by the possible vibrations originated by the action of the wind is minimized.

Guided by rack

Thanks to its system of guided by zipper the fabric does not leave the profiles, always offering optimal performance of wind resistance. In this way it is not necessary to pick up the Wind Screen when there are large gusts of wind.

The zipper is welded to the fabric, which makes fabric and terminal remain stable within the lateral guides, ensuring the operation of the system in the most extreme circumstances.

In addition, the rack system prevents light from entering through the lateral openings of the system, thanks to the asuencia of them and also acting against the entry of insects.

Advantages that will also ensure a longer product life.

To know more about this new products, we invite you to visit the catalog of Wind Screen Dante and Grazia in Downloads.