Giménez Ganga is a company that has been providing solutions for windows, sunlight protection and decoration since 1959.

We make and sell rolling shutters, rolling doors, aluminium and PVC boxes, window and door shutters, blinds and curtains, louvers, folding doors, ceiling coverings, mosquito screen, awnings, pergolas and Alicantina blinds.

Our broad catalogue arises from initiative and restlessness, from the need to open new paths, paths on which we remain ourselves, always aware of what we owe to our clients.

"A project that begins with the firm basis of constant work, quality and customer service is a product of the future."
And from this firm basis, Gimenez Ganga emerged in 1959 with a spirit of excellence that continues to this day... Juan and Pedro, heirs to the tradition of carpentry, Oriental curtains and Sax shutters, form the company that would be the seed of Giménez Ganga.
Juan Giménez Ganga
Pedro Giménez Ganga
Due to the construction boom of this decade, in 1962 they entered the world of shutters and traditional curtains, to become, in the following years, a market leader.
In these years the structure is set up as a company with a commercial network that extended throughout the country.
Introduction of new products. Change in the concept of shutters and aluminium replaces wood as the main raw material. New compact systems appear.
El Commer Santana en las antiguas instalaciones
A time of high growth with the start of the creation of our industrial complex.
In 1992, the company acquired our current business facilities to increase productivity.
Further technological development in 1999 allowing us to acquire high-performance profiling machines.
Flota de vehículos en la nueva nave, mediado de los 90
During this decade, we expanded the facility to house the development of new products.
Products like louvers, Window and door shutters, folding doors... and our line of Saxun solar protectors. At the beginning of this decade, Gimenez Ganga began to create its first branch offices and production facilities. Today this expansion encompasses almost the entire country.
This geographic diversification, with the creation of 10 production branches and 7 national delegations allows us to distribute our products in the shortest time possible. A process of internationalisation begins that is further consolidated each year.
Foto de grupo en la 1ª Convención Giménez Ganga
Gimenez Ganga celebrates its 50th anniversary. 50 years of work, quality, service and innovation.
To celebrate, throughout the year, a large number of events took place, including painting contests, children's stories, lectures on the origin of shutters, and many others.
Some of these events, such as the Gimenez Ganga Night Cross, became a must for fans of the sport.
Familia Giménez Ganga en la cena homenaje 50 aniversario
Saxun is consolidated as a benchmark in the field of interior design.
Our exterior solar protection and Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola products become essential elements for energy savings, with design and elegance.
Pérgola Bioclimática Saxun para disfrutar del exterior todo el año
After evolving as a company and offering innovative products, the time came to renew our image while maintaining our essence.
A simpler, dynamic and current, but very recognisable, logo.
A new stage begins.
Fachada principal de las oficinas centrales en Sax (Alicante)