New venetian blinds brochure

Saxun presents the Wood/Aluminium Venetian Blind 50 CLS brochure with the new colour collections for the Wood Venetian Blind and the Aluminium Venetian Blind.

Warm, elegant colours for the Wood Venetian Blind and bright, attractive colours for the Aluminium Venetian Blind, so you can find the perfect match for the decorative style of your lounge, bedroom, kitchen, etc.

These colours are available for 50 mm slats, the ideal size for all kinds of windows, as in addition to giving your room its own unique character, they enable you to have full control over the amount of light coming into the area. Please note that in these two models, only the ladder tape is motorised and they cannot be personalised in another way.

There are dozens of ways in which you can personalise your Venetian blind, and to help you do this, this Saxun brochure also shows you 15 colours of tape available in 38 mm so you can create your own original look.