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New Canvas Sample Collection

Saxun presents a new canvas sample collection for awnings that complements the broad collections of fabrics for each of the exterior solar protection systems.

Continuing the new line of Saxun sample collections, it is now time to introduce the awning canvas sample collection.

This collection, divided into three collections (PVC acrylics, warm-toned striped acrylics and cold-toned striped acrylics), brings together a very large number of catalogue items. It illustrates a broad range of possibilities with colours, patterns and technical properties that can match any type of specification. The collection makes it very easy to choose the fabric required for each specific use, depending on the type of awning, the place of installation, etc.


This is a new work tool in a convenient and attractive format and a size that makes it quick and simple to use. It also provides different organisational criteria for accessing the individual canvas models.


Its design also enables it to be shown together with the Saxun fabrics sample collection of curtains and blinds in an integrated and coherent way.

The choice of a suitable canvas together with any of the Saxun solar protection systems is crucial for promoting quality of life and energy savings. It is also a way of efficiently bringing a positive note of design and distinction to your façade.


Awning systems such as Capota, Bajante, Stor, Punto Recto, Brazos Extensibles, Monoblock, Cofre, Veranda, Palillería and Cortina together with vertical systems such as Wind Screen, Wind Screen XL and SRS can adapt to the most demanding projects.

Saxun can help you create environments without the need for building works using various canvas systems for windows, balconies, patios or terraces, promoting privacy and the feeling of well-being.