More efficient production to meet our customers needs

Over the last few months, our Process Improvement Team has been working on re-adapting various work spaces to increase our efficiency in manufacturing sun protection systems, and therefore satisfying the demands of our customers, who increase in number every season.

In this post, we will show you how a production system has been created to adapt the manufacturing process to reduce waiting times and increase worker productivity.

Each of the operators’ workstations has been designed in such a way that all necessary manufacturing elements are at their fingertips, thus reducing time spent collecting these elements to a minimum, and increasing effective production time.

The arrangement of each manufacturing phase following the strict order in which they must be assembled, along with the distribution of human resources, attending to the needs of each of the phases, enable them to carry out volumes of work that are difficult to imagine.

A working formula has been developed following the Lean Manufacturing model, a management philosophy of which we are pioneers in our sector and that focuses on minimising losses in manufacturing systems, while maximising the creation of value for the end customer.

In this way, the creation of a good workflow focuses on reducing overproduction, waiting times, procedures and movements and allowing our team to manufacture a greater number of products in the same amount of time.

It is important to know that Lean Manufacturing, at its full potential, is not only a change in the layout of each workstation involved in a process, but is applied at every step that relates to the production and distribution of a product, from the time the raw material is received until the manufactured system is delivered to the customer.

Naturally, the extension of this work reaches all the departments in Giménez Ganga that are in charge of manufacturing some of the most advanced sun protection systems on the market.Innovative systems that satisfy our customers from the moment the operators begin handling them.