II Charity week against ALS

The doctor’s conference was held as part of the 2nd Giménez Ganga Charity Week: “Let’s put an end to ALS”, attended by more than one hundred people who were able to learn about this disease and the future prospects of the doctor’s research in the short, medium and long term.

Last Friday, November 15th, the Sax central facilities were visited by Teresa Salas, a researcher at the La Paz Hospital in Madrid and a member of several teams who are currently working to find a cure for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

The message of optimism and faith in science delivered by Teresa is one that is supported by Fundela, an association of scientists whose focus is raising money for research. This association will also be collaborating with Giménez Ganga so we are able to do our bit towards the work as well.

In addition to this meeting, throughout the week you will also be able to visit the Castillo de Sax Industrial Park facilities to see an exhibition where you can learn about the disease and hear some stories from people who have suffered from it.

The success of this meeting and all the people who have visited the exhibition demonstrates the strong solidarity ethos of our local community. Everyone was fascinated by Teresa’s project and the Fundela association and showed a great interest in the actions of all the institutions and associations who are working towards ending this disease.

Thanks to all the attendees for being part of something very important.