Giménez Ganga micro-perforated slats: the value of ventilation

The heat arrives and, with it, that habit we learned from our grandmothers where we lower the blinds to keep the high temperatures out of our homes during the midday hours.

It was an effective habit, but it needed to be updated to reach the optimum effect in terms of comfort for home users.

The answer to achieving this is the micro-perforated aluminium slat. It is ideal for creating an air flow in a space, that guarantees optimum ventilation in homes, garages and industrial buildings.

The wide variety of models in which this configuration is available will ensure that there is always a size adapted to the needs of each opening that requires protection.





With the option of integration in systems such as the PS-25 R, which leaves 12.90% of free aeration area in relation to the coverage of the cloth, and in the PM-49, where 8% is achieved, innovation, design and safety are combined to be placed at the service of comfort.

And if the aforementioned systems guarantee the maximum performance of the product, it is in shutters and doors such as the PM-45, the PM-49, the PS-64 M or the PS-100 R where the versatility of a system designed to meet all kinds of needs is demonstrated.

A solution that, as we would not have it any other way, can be combined with other types of configurations such as perforated or blind slats, and that has been developed by Giménez Ganga’s Technical Office in order to achieve the best results for its customers.

Results that users will be grateful for a lifetime.