Giménez Ganga annual convention

Giménez Ganga has been holding its annual conventions with the staff of all national and international branch offices and production sites at the headquarters in Sax, Alicante, during the month of December.

As every year at this time, a series of meetings was held to assess and evaluate the results of the closing year. We can conclude that the growth objectives in the annual convention that we were aiming for in 2015 have been met.

For 2016, the main objective is to consolidate, further if possible, Giménez Ganga’s position as a national leader in the sectors of closures and solar protection. We want our brand to be recognised for quality in products and services as well as in attentive and efficient post-sales support.


With respect to more specific projects, our expectations for the next year remain high. New PVC boxes, improvements in the Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola, new canvases for awnings, new fabrics for shutters and curtains, etc. are on the horizon. We also have major projects under way such as the forthcoming opening of new production site in the Basque country.


This annual convention serves to reinforce the commitments by all our regional offices and production centres to meet the objectives planned by Giménez Ganga for the new year.