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Giménez Ganga: an environmentally-friendly company

At Giménez Ganga we are working to minimise the environmental impact of our activities and comply meticulously with the regulatory requirements that apply to us.

As part of this commitment, throughout 2016 we equipped our facilities at the Sax Centre with network analysers to monitor our electricity consumption and, during the last quarter, we submitted our company to an energy audit in compliance with Royal Decree RD 56/2016.

As a continuation of these actions and in accordance with the aim to minimise the environmental impact of our activities, during 2017 we are going to undertake the modernisation of the Sax Centre’s exterior lighting installation, aiming for a substantial reduction in energy consumption and the carbon footprint associated with lighting.

This action involves a high investment and will bring about a reduction in energy consumption of 80.000 KWh per year, which translates to 27.5 TCO2 per year that we will stop emitting into the atmosphere.